The toy who knew too much.

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This is another quick sketch idea that I did with that great little art package, Procreate, on the iPad. I think there was a little too much Hitchcock and Pixar in my subconscious, hence the title, and then replacing ‘man’ with ‘toy’. I am going to take this idea through to a more polished piece, doing the line work in Sketchbook Pro and the paint in Photoshop. Now, I just to find some more of that stuff they call time…

The Toy

“Smash the control images. Smash the control machines.”

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Updates to an old piece…

Originally posted on the process:

Burroughs skull



I was never happy with the original look of this piece. The idea was sound but the technique was flawed. I decided to do a relatively quick paint over to actually call it done and honor Burroughs better. I did the paint over in Photoshop with some touch ups in Painter.

Original post:

This is a quick paint that started as a ball point pen and liquid paper sketch. It’s a William S. Burroughs influenced piece (too much ‘Dead City Radio’), with hints of Mignola sprinkled in for good measure. Burroughs has been an influence in my subconscious for years and when this sketch popped in, I had to paint it up.

I try to take a couple little breaks  throughout the work day to either sketch or paint. I find changing it up from texture painting helps the eyes learn and absorb. It also gives me a…

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My new favourite sketchbook

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So I finally bit the bullet and picked up an iPad mini. A good friend recommended a paint package called Procreate for sketching out ideas. I have to say that I’m blown away by this little app. It’s streamlined and perfect for getting out roughs quickly. The people at Adobe could learn a thing or two from this paint package. I highly recommend it for anyone who has an iPad. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available for desktop or Android devices. Below is an image I did in ball point pen, on paper, and then brought it into Procreate. I quickly inked it and added some flat colors. I attached a link as well to the Procreate website

Son of Zombie

‘Take my bones away’

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One of the best ways I find to inspire new artwork or to move through an artistic block is go to a really good music gig. I was fortunate enough to get heaps of inspiration the other night while watching Baroness and Royal Thunder rip up the stage at The Venue in Vancouver. Baroness was superb and showed us how well they can play and entertain at the same time. They were all in top form playing a great set that spanned their three albums. On a side note, I am always blown away by John Baizley’s artwork that he does for the band. Not only is he the lead singer but he does incredible Alphonse Mucha inspired art for the band’s covers and posters. The surprise of the night came from Royal Thunder, the band that went on before Baroness. They are an interesting mix of progressive hard rock with undertones of Black Sabbath, The Cult and the Stoner/ Psychedelic Rock sound. I was super impressed and picked up their latest effort, ‘CVI’, the next day. Make sure to check out the links below to get a taste of these two great bands.


Baroness Vancouver poster

Art install at Pixar Canada

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A little while back I was fortunate enough to be asked if I would show some of my work at the Pixar Canada office. The Facilities Supervisor, Olivia Price, had an idea to start showcasing Pixar artist’s work on two of the walls of the second floor, with a 4-6 week rotation period. I decided to show a few pages from my Children’s Book, Mr. Muck Muck, as well as three separate pieces I worked on while working on the book.  I printed out the art with archival inks on enhanced matte paper and watercolor hot press. Olivia then took the work, framed it and did the install. Many thanks to Olivia and Pixar Canada!

Wall install 01

Wall install 02

Pixar Canada panel talk at VFS

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A few weeks back, I had the chance to do my first panel talk with Pixar Canada at Vancouver Animation School (VFS). Myself, Jen Mackie and Brad Pitre had the opportunity to talk to the students about the pre-production/ production process along with pipeline specifics, our roles at Pixar and work life at the studio. I attached a link below to the VFS blog article.

Pixar Canada Holiday Card 2012

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I was humbled when I was asked to create Pixar Canada’s holiday card this year. I decided to do something with a Partysaurus flavour, based on the short we released this year: Partysaurus Rex. I mocked up a rough in pencil and then finished it in Photoshop to send to our Creative Director, HR Director and CEO for any changes or ideas. The Creative Director had a couple of ideas to plus the work which really helped the overall look of the piece. After a couple of revisions, I finished up the card in Photoshop and it was sent off to the printers. A batch of 500 cards were made.

The first image below is the final rendered image and the second is the mock up idea sketch. I also attached a link to the Partysaurus Short that came out before Finding Nemo 3D.

Happy Holidays to all!

Card Final

Card Sketch

Partysaurus Rex short



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