signet for a New World Samurai

Over the holidays I started delving back into some graphic symbol work. I found it to be a nice break from the other work that I do in film and on my personal time. I also forgot how relaxing it can be to let the mind go without being concerned about painting, texture, lighting, etc.

While creating the signet, all that matters is shape, flow and connection. The mystery of how it will form into something tangible while remaining open to the change. I find this carries through into another huge passion of mine… surfing.

The long and short of it is, surfing changed my life at a fundamental level. It brought such a sense of simplicity as well as helping bridge the gap of art and physicality. Now art takes shape and manifests whether it be pencil to paper, paint to canvas, lens to eye or board to water.

There is nothing quite like riding pure energy. Always changing and never the same. It’s the mystery that keeps us coming back for more. The potential of what may be. The same is with all aspects of art. I am never more excited or hopeful than in that moment of absolute potential and creation.

I have been trying to find a way to bring my art to surfing and decided to start off with this signet. I wanted to create something that represents the ‘New World Samurai’ mentality of surfing as well as a graphic I would actually like to have on my board.

The signet below, entitled ‘Absolve’ was done in pencil and then finished in Photoshop. I still need to bring it into Illustrator, to turn it into a vector based graphic, if I decide to take it further. There is also an image below of myself catching a fun little wave at the local break.  The conditions are not always ideal but I can’t really complain as the surf spot is under a 5 minute drive from work. A great place for some lunch time sessions. The pic was taken by friend and fellow surfer Ale Bonora. I love the vibrancy of color in the image he took.


~ by randerson on January 27, 2011.

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