Fire from the Fairy’s head

I had a chance over the last little bit to get a couple of graphics out for potential surf deck designs. You could say that this is a continuation of the post below, to bring my art to surfing or surfing to my art. There are so many great surfboards out there but unfortunately not enough art on them. I wanted these designs to do the potential surfboard justice while playing a bit with the shape. Even though both of these graphics are for short boards, I am looking to get at least another piece done for both a fish and a long board.

Both of these designs started with ink on paper and then were scanned in and finished in Photoshop. The surfboard template was also done in Photoshop, with paths. Once I have a chance, I will be redoing the templates for all potential surfboards in Illustrator.

The first piece named “Fire from the Fairy’s head” was my ode to the Green Fairy of Absinthe fame. I have always had a crush on her and wanted to create a stronger female fairy than the dainty depictions of yore. On the front top of the board is the Absinthe spoon holding a sugar cube containing the third eye.

The second piece is plainly named “Octo”. The front of the surfboard is the main octopus graphic with some of the tentacles wrapping around underneath.

I also added an image of me riding at the local break, in a section named “the wall”. It’s usually too packed for me to want to ride but some days you get lucky and have a fun little wave to yourself. The picture was taken by Anton Ognyev, a fellow Weta-tonian.


~ by randerson on February 13, 2011.

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