It’s been too long…

So here we are once again. It still astounds me how time can move and over a year has past since I’ve added anything to this log. New Zealand is now a memory and I am back in Vancouver working at Pixar Canada. It’s been fun and has also given me a chance to finish up my Children’s book. I took 3 weeks off in October to re-illustrate the pages and clean up the script. It’s currently in the second paint pass and I should have it done by the new year. All I can say to that is ‘finally’. It’s been a slow burn of 3 years from start to finish to get it done and find the time to get it done. The next step is to see if I can get it published in 2013.

I have also been illustrating a few pieces on the side for fun and to test new brushes in Photoshop and Painter. One of them is below. It’s a concept for an idea I have been mulling around called Squid Lip. This is a new re-design  of an older character who is part of The Fish Women of Alcatraz. I started off illustrating her on Binfang 360 graphic paper with a blue pencil. I then took a picture of her with a camera under a desk lamp to create some light variation. With some of my work, I don’t scan the illustration but take a digital picture under varying light conditions. I find it gives a great sense of texture once you start duplicating layers in Photoshop and use overlay, color burn, multiply, etc. to get the desired result. She was then painted in Photoshop 5 and Painter 12.


~ by randerson on November 23, 2012.

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