munny, oh munny

A while ago, when I had a little more time than I did now, I had the chance to jump into the world of painting and sculpting on Munnies. A Munny is a vinyl figure, created by Kid Robot, that you can paint and sculpt on. They can be a lot of fun to work with, especially if you have the time to add additions to the figure. It is also a great starting point to get into the process of dealing with different materials and how they interact with each other to get the desired look. I generally go with a more graphic approach for the paint and add some Super Sculpey to the figure to change it up from its original mold. It’s also best to prime it before painting as well as spray on a matte or glossy finish to protect the final product.

The images below are of  the Gandhi Zombie and ‘Alla Fini di Ogni Cosa’ Munnies that were part of two separate toy art shows in Vancouver. I also included an image of the original Gandhi Zombie concept and the tools that were used in the making of the Munnies.

Gandhi Zombie Munny

Ghandi Zombie pieces

gandhi zombie concept



Alla Fini close

di Cosa



~ by randerson on April 28, 2014.

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