The Forgotten King

While working on Valerian, my mind started to deviate more to the French comic book palette from which it was born. I wound up doing a few pieces over that time that felt more European comic book than what I was used to creating. It gave me a chance to experiment with colours I normally wouldn’t use together. It also gave me a chance to jump back into Sketchbook Pro for the final graphic line.

The piece below started on the phone with Sketchbook and symmetry on. I then re-did the line work in Sketchbook Pro on my main computer and painted it up in Photoshop. Maybe if there is a second Valerian film, Luc Besson may give this guy a chance to be in it…




~ by randerson on April 12, 2017.

2 Responses to “The Forgotten King”

  1. Cool illustration. Never got the hang of doodling on a screen with a stylus. Own sketchbook pro, just could never get the knack heh.

    • Once you get used to a Cintiq, it’s pretty great but may not be for everyone. Sketchbook Pro is amazing for it’s line and tools but I still prefer Photoshop or Painter for colour. I find it closest to vector line without having to deal with vectors.

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